Kylie G

My Town
Kylie G

When thinking about the topic of this competition, “My Town” a variety of things came to mind. The town I live in is Strathroy, a small town full of life. To me, Strathroy is the place I call home. I don’t only just live here, but also continue to grow here every day because of the opportunities and the people I am surrounded by. For example; this challenge created by the Wright Foundation is giving me the opportunity to further my writing career, and let me express myself at the same time.

Going back to the topic of “My Town”, I realized that Strathroy really isn’t “my” town, but a town full of people who have their own voices. I’ve asked different generations of people who live in the municipality what Strathroy means to them, and in response I heard a range of different things. When asking my friends, they said it makes them think of hometown festivals, hanging out with friends, and making memories. To my father, Strathroy is a community. Lastly, to my grandmother it’s a place she’s always lived, and a place where she is able to see her children and grandchildren grow up. In total, I spoke to about ten people, and not one of them said the same thing as any of the others. Collectively, I think this proves that everyone has their own thoughts and opinions on what their hometown makes them think of.

In summary, the theme “My Town” cannot easily be explained because no town is simply one persons. Instead, a town

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Contestant Name: Kylie G
Age: 16
Author : Wright

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